Non-commercial support of MRCC may be provided on the MRCC Forum. It has been set up to facilitate open discussions among the users of MRCC. The main purpose of the forum is to exchange information and experience with other users. You are encouraged to use the forum for getting useful tips about compiling, installing, and using MRCC. Bugs found by the users should also be reported via the forum. Please note that forum responses are not guaranteed. Although the developers are also subscribed to the forum, they are not obliged to reply to posts; nevertheless, they will do their best to help you out.

The forum is not moderated and no IP tracking is implemented (see our privacy policy and terms of service).

Posted messages are available without restrictions, anyone can view them. However, only registered users are allowed to post messages.

Please familiarize yourself with the manual and installation guide before putting a question. If you report an error, do not forget to include the corresponding input and output files as well.

To post your message please log in with your account, then select the category in which you want your post to be appeared. The allowed categories for users are "Compiling MRCC", "Running MRCC", "General Questions". You can also introduce yourself in the "User's corner" subcategory of the "Welcome" category, and you are encouraged to do so. To start typing your post please click on the "NEW TOPIC" button.

You can upload both images and attachments, however, their size should not exceed 512kB and 2MB, respectively. Allowed extensions for images and attachments are jpg, jpeg, gif, png and txt, rtf, pdf, zip, tar.gz, tgz, tar.bz2, respectively. If you wish to format your message nicely, please check out this wikipedia page about BBCodes.

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New program versions are also announced via the MRCC Forum. If you want to get notification emails about program updates, please go to the "Updates" category and subscribe to this topic.


Note that instead of email alerts you can also opt for RSS feeds from the MRCC Forum.