4 Citation

If results obtained with the Mrcc code are published, an appropriate citation would be:

Mrcc, a quantum chemical program suite written by M. Kállay, Z. Rolik, J. Csontos, P. Nagy, G. Samu, D. Mester, J. Csóka, B. Szabó, I. Ladjánszki, L. Szegedy, B. Ladóczki, K. Petrov, M. Farkas, P. D. Mezei, and B. Hégely. See also Z. Rolik, L. Szegedy, I. Ladjánszki, B. Ladóczki, and M. Kállay, J. Chem. Phys. 139, 094105 (2013), as well as: www.mrcc.hu.”

In addition, credit must be given to the corresponding papers which describe the underlying methodological developments. The corresponding references are given in Sect. 6 of the manual.

If Mrcc is used combined with other program systems, the users are also requested to include appropriate citations to those packages as required by their authors.