4 Citation

If results obtained with the Mrcc code are published, an appropriate citation would be:

Mrcc, a quantum chemical program suite written by M. Kállay, P. R. Nagy, Z. Rolik, D. Mester, G. Samu, J. Csontos, J. Csóka, B. P. Szabó, L. Gyevi-Nagy, I. Ladjánszki, L. Szegedy, B. Ladóczki, K. Petrov, M. Farkas, P. D. Mezei, and B. Hégely. See also Z. Rolik, L. Szegedy, I. Ladjánszki, B. Ladóczki, and M. Kállay, J. Chem. Phys. 139, 094105 (2013), as well as: www.mrcc.hu.”

In addition, credit must be given to the corresponding papers which describe the underlying methodological developments. The corresponding references are given in Sect. 6 of the manual.

If Mrcc is used combined with other program systems, the users are also requested to include appropriate citations to those packages as required by their authors.