|dq|Naked lady|dq| with colchicine
Colchicum autumnale
In a forest in Hungary
Adonis vernalis
Natural source of cardiac glycosides
Papilio machaon
The Old World Swallowtail
Colors of Autumn in Hungary part I
Autumn leaves—click for sadness
Colors of Autumn in Hungary part II
Among the trees—click for happiness
Silver-washed Fritillary
Pterins were first discovered in the pigments of butterfly wings
Winter in Hungary part I
Winter in Hungary part II
Gaja Creek, Bakony
|dq|You can't beat the view|dq| - Matt Kowalski
Tar-kő, Bükk National Park, Hungary
Springtime - Corydalis cava
(S)-6,7,7a,8-tetrahydro-11-methoxy-7-methyl-5H- benzo[g]-1,3-benzodioxolo-[6,5,4-de]quinolin-2-ol

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